Athens Car Parks S.A.

Project Building Projects
Type Parking Facilities
Location Athens, Greece

Through the company AKTOR CONCESSIONS S.A., our Group has a 20% participation in the "Athens Car Parks S.A." company. The company’s aim is to design, construct, finance, operate and exploit four Underground Car Parks at the following central points in Athens: 1. In the crossing of Rizari & Vas. Constantinou Str., 661 places, being in operation since December 2nd, 2003. 2. Under Aigyptou Square, 361 places, being in operation since March 15th, 2005. 3. Under the Square of the Pediatric Hospital "Ayia Sofia" Square, 651 places, being in operation since January 26th, 2005. 4. Under Canningos Square, 491 places, being in operation since July 16th, 2004. The amended concession agreement was signed in November 2001 and the concession time for all stations is 30 years. The creation of parking facilities in the town center gives "breathing" space to many districts of Athens with traffic problems and will facilitate the limitation of traffic congestion and illegal parking. The overall investment amounted to approximately 38 million €. The share capital of the Concessionaire’s amounts actually to 7.74 million €. The participation of our Group in the concession contract in question is the starting point for our involvement in the car-parking sector, whose aggressive development is anticipated in what concerns the urban centers of the country.