Restoration of Historic Buildings and Landmarks

Chemical School of University of Athens

Project Building Projects
Type Restoration of Historic Buildings and Landmarks
Location Greece

REPAIR AND INTERIOR REDESIGN OF THE OLD CHEMICAL SCHOOL BUILDING OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS The building of the Chemical School was designed by the Bavarian architect Hernest Ziller. The erection of the building begun in 1887 and was completed two years later. Works initially included demolitions - stripings of light partitions, door and window frames, old E/M installations and internal and external finishings. Structural and seismic adequacy was ensured by works performed at the bearing structure of the building with cast in place concrete for the reinforcement of the foundations, grout injections to homogenize the stone walls, gunite mantles and use of complex materials (glass fiber textile, carbon fiber). Refurbishment works of the Chemical Laboratory included new E/M installations; firefighting, plumbing and sewage networks, HVAC systems, electrical installations. Facades of the building were restored to their previous state (reconstruction of the decorative elements and replacement of the old wooden frames).