Restoration of Historic Buildings and Landmarks

Relocation of the "Monastery of Assumption of Holy Mary"

Project Building Projects
Type Restoration of Historic Buildings and Landmarks
Location Grevena, Greece

The relocation of the entire structure of the byzantine monument of the Monastery of the Assumption of the Holy Mary (Koimisi Theotokou), Tournikiou in Deskati, in Grevena, was successfully completed in September 2011 by AKTOR in collaboration with Mr. Dimitris Korres, the architect in charge.  
The execution of this highly sophisticated project was considered necessary in order to save the byzantine church from the construction of the Ilarion dam by the Greek Public Power Corporation and the subsequent flooding of the greater area, for the creation of an artificial lake. The church stood on the specific location for more than six centuries.  
The monument was moved approximately 125m, against a 25% uphill gradient, its new location being 27m higher than the original spot. The foundation was detached by boxing a metal grid in the existing stone bed plate without the slightest cracking of the priceless murals inside the monastic church which dates back to the 14th century.
The entire structure of the Monastery, weighing 300 tons, was pulled to its new location on steel rails with the aid of hydraulic jacks. Following completion of the relocation, the surrounding landscape was also architecturally restored.