Waste Water Treatment - Solid Waste

Bucharest Sewage Treatment Plant

Project Infrastructure Projects
Type Waste Water Treatment - Solid Waste
Location Bucharest, Romania

The plant is designed and constructed to treat the wastewater of the Greater Area of Bucharest including some industrial wastewater. The plant with hydraulic capacity of 10m3/s, 5m3/s of which is treated in the biological stage and treatment capacity of approximately 1,750,000 Equivalent Population. The wastewater treatment consists of: preliminary treatment (coarse and fine screening, grit removal), primary treatment (primary sedimentation) and biological treatment including Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal, sludge treatment facilities (thickening, anaerobic digestion, dewatering), as well as a co-generation plant which utilizes the biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion process.

The client was the Bucharest Municipality.