Waste Water Treatment - Solid Waste

Rethymno Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Infrastructure Projects
Type Waste Water Treatment - Solid Waste
Location Greece

The project refers to the design and construction of civil and electromechanical works for the extension of the existing Waste Water Treatment Plant in Rethymno-Crete. 
The purposeis to upgrade the facilities in order to be able to receive and treat the higher loads of incoming wastewater due to the increase of population and the interconnection of nearby settlements in the sewage network for the next 30 years. 
The project includes the maintenance and extension of the existing facilities such as aerobic digestion, aeration tank, secondary sediment tank, dehydration unit as well as the extension and new unit construction such as deodorant unit, sewage unit, composting unit and solar drying unit.
The aim is the production of a final sludge product free of contaminants, so it can be used as physical organic compost to agricultural purposes with the minimal energy consumption.
After completion, the plant capacity will be 150.000 equivalent population.