Waste Water Treatment - Solid Waste

Thriassio Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Infrastructure Projects
Type Waste Water Treatment - Solid Waste
Location Thriassio, Attica, Greece

The plant is designed and constructed to treat the wastewater of the Greater Thriasio Area of Attica including the treatment of industrial wastewater. The plant has hydraulic capacity of 21,000 m3/d and treatment capacity of 117,000 Population Equivalent. The wastewater treatment consists of: preliminary treatment (coarse & fine screening, grit & grease removal), primary treatment (primary sedimentation), biological activated sludge treatment including nitrogen and phosphorous removal, chemical phosphorous removal, secondary sedimentation, filtration, UV disinfection,sludge treatment facilities (primary sludge fermentation, surplus sludge thickening with Dissolved Air Flotation, thickened mixed sludge, anaerobic digestion, digested sludge mechanical dewatering), sludge liquor treatment as well as a co-generation plant which utilizes the biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion process.

Aktor is also providing Operation and Maintenance Services for the specific Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The final effluent specifications SS<10mg/l, COD<100mg/l, BOD5<15mg/l, TN<10 mg/l, TP<1 mg/l, Fecal Coliforms <100FC/100ml are met.